February 17, 2002

Winter Tracking, Arrowheads, Hand Drill and Shelters

(Photos and report by Walter Muma)


In the morning we went for a 2-hour walk in a nearby wild area. In the winter we are able to walk far out into the marsh, which is inaccessible during the rest of the year.

A bright sunny day, with fresh snow - a tracking paradise! 


Here we found mink and raccoon tracks running along the small creek, in and out of the water.


A beautifully clear set of raccoon tracks along a fallen log.
We also did some tree identification.

(For more info on Tree Identification, visit the Ontario Trees website)

After a break for lunch we headed over to a nearby private collection of hundreds of arrowheads and other artifacts.

But first we got distracted for awhile by Peter's hand drill demonstration.


Click on the small photo to watch a movie of the handdrill in operation

Windows media format (WMV)
320x240, 351 KB

For more info on Handdrills, please visit the Wildwood Survival website, Handdrill section.

Then we headed inside to view the collection.

This picture shows a portion of it.

And some more...


Afterwards we watched a video by John McPherson on shelters.

Here is this month's mystery - a mystery artifact.

Does anyone know what this artifact is, or what it was used for?

We have no idea. 

For more Tree ID information, visit the Ontario Trees website.

For more pictures of this private arrowhead and artifact collection, please see the Wildwood Survival website, Wilderness Survival, Flintknapping section.


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