Past Meetings - 2003

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November 16 - Baskets. Report.

October 19 - Traps, snares and hunting methods.
Well, only two people showed up for this meeting on a cool fall day. We made a couple of traps and tried out a sling. Then we decided to simply wander the fall landscape. Some of the things we discovered along the way were walking ferns on top of limestone boulders, a clean and unblemished raccoon skull, deer tracks, zigzag goldenrod in bloom, wild leek seeds, new beaver dams and fresh cuttings, a nice sit spot in the autumn sun on the edge of a marsh, water hemlock, kinglets, chickadees, crows, nuthatches and blue jays, a male deer running away, and more. We experimented with different cordage materials, including basswood bark, spruce roots, and swamp and common milkweed. And we did tree and shrub ID along the way, as well as identifying various plants. Sorry, no photos, as I forgot my camera! (Walter).



June 22 - Fishing Methods. Report.

May 25 - Spring Plants and Wild Edibles. Report.

April 13 - "Walkabout". Report.

March 9 - "Show-and-Tell" - indoor day. Report.

February 16 - Snow shelters & tracking. Report.

January 19 - Winter Tree ID & Tracking. Report.


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