November 16, 2003


(Photos and report by Walter Muma)


Six people met at Walter & Julie's place to make baskets. We were unable to locate a commercial source for basket-making materials. However, that turned out to be not a problem at all, as Walter & Rob each brought copious numbers of Red Osier Dogwood stems that they had collected the day before.

Two baskets were finished this day. They are shown below. The one on the left is made from relatively thin and small dogwood stems, by Rob. The one on the right was made from thicker stems, and also incorporates Virginia Creeper vines and Spruce roots, by Walter. They are not intended to be works of art, but were made as a learning experience, hence their lopsided and unrefined appearance. However, they are functional, and that's what counts.

Note the red colour of the Red Osier Dogwood. This is distinctive of this shrub, which grows in wetlands, in sunny areas.

For more info on how to make these baskets, please see the Wildwood Survival website, Wilderness Survival - Containers section.



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