March 9, 2003

"Show-and-Tell" (Indoor Day)

(Photos and report by Walter Muma)


Eight people met at Walter & Julie's place for a day of discussions and sharing. People brought items they had made, and talked about & demonstrated them. We watched videos, discussed books and other resources. We also paid a visit to a nearby private arrowhead and native artifact collection.


Fishing arrowhead by Murray Yazer

Murray brought a fishing arrowhead that he had made, as well as the tip of a fish spear.

Here is the fishing arrowhead.



Rob shared some of the things he had learned at a recent outdoor skills meeting in Arizona.

Here is cordage we made from Agave fibers. Quick to make and very easy to work with!

For more info on Agave Cordage, see the Wildwood Survival website.


Trigger by Rob Bicevskis

A new type of deadfall trap trigger that Rob showed us. It requires no cordage (as in the Paiute) nor complicated linkages (as in the Figure-4).

For more info on Traps, see the Wildwood Survival website.


It is possible to make and utilize a sort of fabric from False Tinder Fungus. This fabric can also be used to catch sparks from striker-based fire making methods. 

Here we see marcasite (left) and flint (right). The flint is used to strike sparks off the marcasite onto the tinder fungus "cloth", thus making fire from two stones!

For more info on Two Stone Fire Starting, see the Wildwood Survival website.


Demonstrated by Rob Bicevskis

And, of course, since it was a sunny day, we all witnessed making a fire from a can of coke and chocolate bar! Yes, it does work!

For more info on starting a fire from a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar, see the Wildwood Survival website.


We also discussed 

  • pitch sticks

  • rabbit sticks

  • tried out a rivercane blowgun

  • how to straighten long pieces of wood in the wild

  • the use of a plant called "Mare's Tail" for handdrill (also known as Canada Fleabane or Horseweed)

  • the new movie, "The Hunted"

  • books and other resources

  • and numerous other topics

People present also shared other items they brought:

  • a ceremonial pipe and rattle

  • cordage

  • sling for killing small animals

  • a native-themed wool blanket

  • twig board, used to help learn to identify winter trees and shrubs

  • fire pistons

  • and other items

In the afternoon we paid a visit to a nearby private arrowhead and artifact collection.

Later we watched a video of Tom Brown on the US History channel. Then two other videos featuring Tom Brown: "Journey to Survival", about classes at the Tracker School, and "The Earth Speaks", a movie featuring Tom Brown's philosophy and tracking.

All in all a very successful day. Everyone who attended enjoyed the day, and we all learned a lot!


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