June 22, 2003

Fishing Methods

(Photos and report by Walter Muma)


Five people met in Walter & Julie's backyard in Cambridge for a day investigating fishing methods. It was a hit sunny day, but fortunately not very humid, and we worked in the shade at the rear of the house.

We didn't do any actual fishing, due to legalities (licenses, and the legality of using spears etc), and because a lot of our day would have been taken up finding a place to fish, and then finding actual fish to spear or trap.


Peter studied methods of making a fish trap (not as easy as it looks!)


A three-pronged fish spear made by Walter


Some of us at work...


Les proudly displaying his "Leister"-type fish spear.

Sylvia improvised this wicked-looking weapon from a T-bone steak bone and a branch. The bone had a round indentation that exactly fit the stick. It required only a small bit of cordage to hold it in place.

Not sure if it could be used to get fish, but it would serve very well in a spring-loaded trap of some sort.

Some of us made cordage for our fish spears from basswood bark and stinging nettles. We also used artificial sinew so as to not take all day making enough cordage for our projects.

Although it was a small group we had a good time, and each of us learned something, and honed our skills.

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make this a successful day!!

For more info on fishing see the Wildwood Survival website, Wilderness Survival - Fishing section.


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