April 17, 2005

General discussion and conversation; Caretaking;
Tree, shrub and plant ID; Birds.

(Photos and report by Walter Muma)

Eleven people met at Walter & Julie's place for our first meeting of 2005. In fact, it was our first meeting since October 2004, as the meeting organizer (Walter - that's me) took a bit of a break over the winter.

Sorry, not very many photos this time! We did have a very full and rewarding day, however.

We met for the morning indoors, where we participated in lively discussions on a wide variety of tracking, nature, and survival-related topics.

After lunch in the backyard we headed out to a couple of nearby wild areas for caretaking, exploring, tree, shrub and wildflower ID, and more.

Walter gave the group some brief caretaking tutorials. We examined some of the issues of caretaking, and learned some of the principles of this art.

For more info about Caretaking, please visit the Earth Caretaker website.

Digging for Trout Lily tubers, which can be eaten raw and have a very refreshing taste.

Outdoors we learned to ID various trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Also there were quite a number of spring birds calling.


The Sharp-lobed Hepaticas were blooming

A very rewarding day day was had by all who attended, and we covered a large variety of topics today. Thanks to everyone who came out, in particular to four newcomers!

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