About the Meetings

Please read this whole page before attending a Wildwood Trackers meeting


Wildwood Trackers meetings encompass the various skills and philosophies relating to nature, wilderness survival, tracking. All are welcome to the meetings who share a passion for these topics.

Wildwood Trackers has no official or informal connection to the Tracker School or Tom Brown Jr. whatsoever.



All persons participate in the meetings entirely at their own risk

The meeting hosts and facilitators (if any) assume no responsibility whatsoever
for participants' well being and safety! Take responsibility for your own actions.

All persons participating must agree that they are responsible
for their own safety during any outing or meeting!



Wildwood Trackers held meetings in what might be called the "Study Groups" format.

Study Group Meeting format

Wildwood Trackers meetings are called "Study Groups", in order to reflect their focused nature.
The phrase "Study Group" does not refer to a specific group of people, but rather to the nature of the meeting.

  • The Wildwood Trackers "Study Group" meetings consist of study, practice, and discussion of survival skills, nature (plants, birds, animals, etc), tracking, awareness, caretaking, and more.  Each meeting will have one or more topics to focus on for the day.

  • Study Group format meetings are usually oriented towards adults.

  • These meetings are open to those who:

    • share an interest and passion in the day's topics,

    • have a willingness to focus on these topics, and

    • have at least a bare minimum of knowledge of the day's topics (even if that's just from reading about the topics)
      Please don't come unless this describes you.
      If this does describe you, then you are most welcome to attend!!

  • Please come regardless of your experience and skill level, but please only come if you have a lot of interest in the day's topics.

  • The study groups emphasize sharing and learning of knowledge and skills. The overall philosophy of the meetings is that everyone has something to share and something to learn.

  • We start promptly on time. We don't wait around for latecomers. 

  • There's no leader as such, unless someone has come specifically to share their knowledge and experience on a particular topic.

  • The time spent on food preparation and eating will be minimal. Bring your own lunch and water unless otherwise indicated.

Wildwood Trackers Age Policy

The minimum age to attend meetings for people coming on their own is 18 years old.
Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them
. Please contact me ahead of time to ensure that the meeting topic is appropriate for the person's age.
This policy is in place partly for liability and insurance reasons, and partly because Wildwood Trackers meetings are usually oriented towards adults.
Sorry if this excludes you, but this is the reality of today's world!
No exceptions, please.

More details and explanation...
Children and minors:
The Study Group meetings are usually not designed with children in mind.
The reasoning behind this is that the nature of the Study group format is such that children may tend to be a distraction, since the focused nature of the meeting may provide little for them to do. The essence of the meetings is to share knowledge and learn from each other, not to teach novices all about survival, tracking, nature and related topics. Children are usually, by virtue of their age, novices at these topics. 
As well, children generally tend to get bored easily unless activities are geared specifically towards them. 
Additionally, many meetings involve a lot of off-trail hiking and children may not be able to keep up. The group is often some distance away from a trail or route back to our starting point. Therefore it may simply not be possible to leave early due to your child needing to go home (or whatever). And we have at times negotiated some very thickly forested areas. Even carrying a child in a backpack can be challenging and even hazardous to the child in some areas.

If you are new to Wildwood Trackers...

Wildwood Trackers is open to all who have a genuine interest in the meeting topics.
However, Wildwood Tracker meetings are NOT wide open to the general public, come one, come all.

Therefore please note that in order to attend a meeting or get onto the mailing list, I need to know a little bit about your interest in the group. Please email the organizer (Walter Muma) and tell me a little bit about yourself.

Please also have a look at the Past Meeting reports, to get an idea of what the meetings are like.

General practical information about all meetings

If you plan on attending a particular meeting, please email me to let me know that you are coming.  All meetings are subject to change or cancellation on short notice due to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances. Always check this website for the latest information!

Please be on time. Latecomers will miss the group's departure, and/or may distract the group from their work.

Bring your notebooks, guidebooks, cameras, and other materials to aid you in your participation and learning of the day's topic.  See the meeting description for more details.

You will usually have to bring your own lunch and water. Often there are no facilities where we go for the day. See the meeting description for more details.

For directions to a meeting click the "Directions" link for the meeting.  Directions are password protected for privacy reasons (some of the meeting locations are at people's homes).

Please read the Wildwood Trackers Age Policy (above).


  • No pets.
  • No alcohol or drugs.
  • Please refrain from smoking, during either indoor or outdoor activities, as some participants may find the smoke to be irritating &/or allergenic.
  • Please avoid personal fragrances as some people find these to be irritating &/or allergenic.

All persons participate in the meetings entirely at their own risk

The meeting hosts and facilitators (if any) assume no responsibility whatsoever
for participants' well being and safety! Take responsibility for your own actions.

All persons participating must agree that they are responsible
for their own safety during any outing or meeting!

Possible future Study Group topics

  • plant identification, edible, medicinal, general

  • tree identification

  • animal study

  • tracking: tracking box, in the wild, follow a trail as far as possible, mapping trails, trail analysis, in snow, not in snow, etc.

  • bird identification and study, possibly including "bird language" as taught by Jon Young

  • weather

  • how would we survive "right here, right now" if we had to: fire, water, food, shelter

  • caretaking: techniques, actual project

  • bow drill from scratch in the wild

  • other fire making methods

  • seldom addressed survival topics

  • movement: fox walk, stalking, other walks taught by Tom

  • awareness: sit spots, concentric rings, movement, communication with nature, etc.

  • blindfold exercises: drum stalk, rope walk, touch, expand senses, etc.

  • primitive pottery

  • stone tools, flintknapping

  • traps and snares, throwing sticks

  • survival in specific environments, such as wetlands, rocky areas, prairies, etc.

  • what Nature is doing to get ready for Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn: birds, animals, plants, insects, etc.

  • cordage

  • collection of wild edibles

  • shelters: different seasons, different types. The group could make one shelter together.

  • tanning hides

  • navigation: with and without map and compass

  • baskets

  • primitive cooking methods

  • birch bark containers

  • primitive methods of preserving food

  • primitive hunting methods


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