Oct 16, 2005

An Alternate report (somewhat on the lighter side!)

(Photos by Walter Muma; humourous report text by Doc)

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Twelve people met for the day at Walter & Julie's place to investigate and experiment with various ways of making fire. Other topics were looked at as well. We had participants from as far away as Kitchener!
Based on research by Rob Bicevskis from a book
by Stephen King, here the group is attempting
to start the board on fire by focusing their thoughts. A similar picture, not shown, was taken a couple of hours later at which time it was determined that more research was needed.

Convinced by Walter Muma, that this technique is called the Fire Saw, some of the group help Walter to build his supply of firewood for the winter.

As shown by the veins popping in the back of Randy's hand, even concentrated effort doesn't guarantee success. Was heard muttering,"....will bring matches, next time!"
Having asked the group to look the other way to prevent making her nervous, Shannon attempts to 'whip' up a coal. Shown here with her assistant who determines the drill is indeed on the fireboard. Shannon left her glasses at home.
Even early music making techniques were explored. Pictured here is the group's perception of a Paleo violin.
Not content with just one torch, Doc, our resident Statue of Liberty, attempts to help Walter secure some much needed funds from the insurance company to help offset a temporary paucity of financial resources, due to a blip in Walter's employment status.
We also touched on basketry and hats, nets, cordage, and more. This is a hat made by Doc from cattails which goes to prove that we'll go to any lengths for a laugh.
All in all a very full and busy day. Several people made fire without matches for the first time. Thank God for butane lighters. And we all had a chance to experiment with various fire-making methods.

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