Oct 16, 2005


(Photos and report by Walter Muma)

(For an alternate report of the day, on the lighter (humourous) side, CLICK HERE)

Twelve people met for the day at Walter & Julie's place to investigate and experiment with various ways of making fire. Other topics were looked at as well. We had participants from as far away as Pennsylvania!
Some of the group during a discussion of bowdrill fire making.
A few people constructed a bow drill set from scratch, using a cedar fencepost as their raw material. Here they are sawing off a chunk.
The finished product, making fire!
Fire saw.
And torches ... Hey! Watch out for the garage door frame! :)
We also touched on basketry and hats, nets, cordage, and more. This is a hat made by Doc from cattails.
All in all a very full and busy day. Several people made fire without matches for the first time! And we all had a chance to experiment with various fire-making methods.

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